Hong Kong, China

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Other tourist facilities


Permanent Exhibition


Sanxingdui Museum Of China

After months of renovation, Sanxingdui Museum reopened to the public on March 23rd ,2020 with a splendid new look. National treasures like the bronze tree, the standing statue, the gold scepter, and the jade blade with heavy motifs were revealed in brand-new showcases customized from Relicase. These artifacts are unparalleled in every aspects, thus deserving the best preservation and unique display standard.

Take the bronze tree for example: the tree measures 3.95m in height, which is the tallest piece of bronze artifacts unearthed till todate. The giant tree obviously demands an enormous display case. Relicase developed a 5.5m Tall Curved Freestanding Display Case to contain the bronze tree. A single glass bay of this huge showcase weighs more than 1000 kilos, yet we  managed to install automatic opening access with tracks and hinges.

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