Freestanding Display Cases

Freestanding museum display cases|showcases|display cabinets often come in the form of a tall cubic ,A five-sided or four glass vitrine standing on robust steel plinth, which allows objects to be viewed from all perspectives. Therefore they are the best choice for displaying center pieces of an exhibition.

  • Access:(standard):Manual;(optional) Utomatic,Semi-automatic,Pull & Slide, Lift-Off, Vertical Lift,Drawer
  • Glass:(standard)Ultraclear low iron laminated glass ; (optional) Anti-reflective laminated glass
  • Lighting:(standard)Recessed LED spot lights,dimmable
  • Plinth:(standard)Powder coated steel
  • Frame:(standard)Powder coated aluminum profile
  • Humidity Control: (standard)Passive Silica gel compartment;(optional)Active humidity control device

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