Freestanding Display Cases

Freestanding display cases are constructed of a robust steel plinth, allows objects to be viewed from the 4-viewing sides, enables unobstructed visibility. Our cases are made to order for lighting, environmental control, and other functions, to suit your needs and requirements. It's the most commonly used type of display cases in museums, offering the best display effect and the most exciting presentation.

All our freestanding cases can be installed on metal structure plinth, and available with many types of cladding. Depending on the dimensions & conservation requirements, we advise on a suitable design and opening mechanism. Glass edges are precision ground and polished and feature compression seals or cast-in-place silicon seals. They are offered with hinged or pull and slide doors for easy access and come equipped with high-security locks. Lighting choices include LED and fiber optic options that address UV radiation and heat concerns in the display environment. Built-in any size you may need and quickly installed in a mess-free, noise-free environment. Our climate-controlled will also remain dismountable for the future rearranging of your galleries.

Here below let's recommend some of the freestanding cases.
◆ Frameless all-glass freestanding case with lighting top element
◆ Removable glass top freestanding cases
◆ Vision freestanding display cases
◆ A frameless all-glass five-sided freestanding display cases
◆ Demountable modular showcases
◆ Circular arc freestanding display cases

Freestanding Display Cases Type