Relicase showcase makes the arrangement of exhibitions easy and safe

     Visitors to museums naturally focus their eyes on fascinating exhibits. Few would notice the supporting display facilities. Today, we will take a look at these frequently neglected silent guardians of museum. Let’s begin with display cases.

     Advances in museum display cases made vital contribution to the popularization of museums. Only ten years ago, most museums in China still relaid on on-site fabrication for museum cabinets. Fortunately, Relicase introduced advanced concept of museum showcase and boosted manufacture of display cases. With constant innovation in conservation technology, Relicase has become a leading figure in museum industry. The innovation is best reflected by the development of novel opening access patterns. 

The award-winning Automatic Diagonal open freestanding case introduced a unique way to open automatically and safely.It is opened diagonally through high-precision synchronization technology, with opening capacity on the front and back both greater than 90%. The actuators are driven by high-precision synchronization device, which promises  an accurate and smooth opening. When driven by automatic actuators, the opposing units formed by adjacent glass panels separate in the diagonal directions, leaving one opening on the front and another in the back. The double-opening structure allows access from both directions simultaneously, which makes it optimal for handling of exhibits that are extremely heavy or delicate.

It is hard to imagine how this automatic Lift off Opening table-top showcase contains motor driving mechanism and microclimate control system in that slender figure. Looking from the front, a crystal-clear glass cover sits firmly on a thin frame bent from a whole piece of steel sheet. The frame blends perfectly into the background, creating an illusion that the glass case is floating in the air. This little visual trick is just a glimpse of our design concept of combining aesthetics with innovation.

This slide-pivot freestanding case looks normal when it’s closed. The exciting part comes with the opening process. High precision heavy load hinges are customized to give the glass door an oval opening trajectory. This compact movement arc of the glass door not only reduces open space needed for pivoting, but also decreases vibrations caused by swinging. Opened glass door is folded along side wall of the case, leaving 100% opening for exhibits handling. This again reveals our constant pursuit in opening access innovations.

     Relicse exhibited those museum showcases on the 25th General Conference of Icom, held in Kyoto in 2019. The exquisite novel museum display cases caught extensive attention from dealers around the globe. As a professional supplier and technical provider of high-end display cases in the museum industry, Relicase will keep incorporating our latest technologies into solutions for the exhibition, display, and preservation industry.

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