Relicase is honored to provide Custom museum display cases solutions for this major project in 2021.

Museum of Grand Canal (China) opened to the public on June 16th,2021. Relicase is honored to provide Custom museum display cases solutions for this major project in 2021.

This museum is summoned to commemorate the Grand Canal (China), the largest artificial river in the world. The Grand Canal (China) was designated as an UNESCO World Heritage site in 2014 for its longest navigable distance,  widest service periods and richest cultural value. The museum building anchors like a sailing vessel along the canal bank in Yangzhou city.

Yangzhou city, where the Museum of Grand Canal (China) locates is a key port along the canal. Yet the exhibits in the museum came from all around the canal. Visitors are introduced to histories and cultures of the whole grand canal in various aspects and at multiple time spans. The building area covers about 80000 square meters, consisting of an oriental style tower and a museum complex. The museum building is divided into 14 exhibition areas to serve the duties of relics conservation, research and exhibition, leisure and experiencing.

The exhibition objects include ancient books, calligraphy and paintings, stele inscriptions, ceramics, and metal ware.      

Relicase was assigned to design and fabricate display cases for several exhibition halls in this museum. To name a few: “Grand Canal(China), World Heritage site”,”Art epic”,”Forbidden City and Grand Canal”,”Emperor Yang of Sui and Grand Canal”.

It is hard to pick a star exhibit from the 10000+ objects. Each exhibit is unique and revoking, telling his intriguing story about the Grand Canal.

WD001 Automatic Opening Wall Display Cases
WD001 Automatic Opening Wall Display Cases

Take the largest exhibit in the museum for example. A 25.7-meter long, 8-meter high section of sediment of the ancient Bian River from the Kaifeng Bridge Site was moved into the exhibition hall. The overwhelming object stands up like a wall. Layers of sediment reveal a continuous history of the canal.

 9m(L)*3m(W)*2.5m(H)display case

 Right: The section of ancient Bian River

The Wooden Warriors Guard Team of King Luhuang is a notable spot in the “Grand Canal(China), World Heritage site” hall.

Warrior figurines are lined up within a 9m(L)*3m(W)*2.5m(H)display case. Relicase made the case transparent and spacious, gives audience a clear view of the amazing arrays of wooden figurine guard team. 

5 sided freestanding case enclosing the River Guardian Sword.  7.7 meters long, slide open.

FS007Hinged Side Opening Freestanding Display Case
FS007Hinged Side Opening Freestanding Display Case

“The epic scroll of the Grand Canal of China” is the essential exhibit of the “Arts epic” hall. This scroll is a collaboration of 18 artists from along the canal, depicting stories and sceneries at the river sides . The 135 meter long, 3 meter tall scroll is cleverly displayed within wall cases. Wall cases are especially optimal for exhibiting large scrolls. Fitted along the hall walls, they leave space for center pieces while illustrating background narrative to the exhibition. 

WD001 Automatic Opening Wall-along Display Cases
WD001 Automatic Opening Wall-along Display Cases

Display cases can be either consecutive or scattered, as well as reallocated freely

FS007Hinged Side Opening Freestanding Display Case
FS007Hinged Side Opening Freestanding Display Case

“Forbidden city and Grand Canal” hall


“Emperor Yang of Sui and Grand Canal” hall

Modular Display Cases

 Demountable case in special exhibition hall

Museum of Grand Canal becomes landmark of Yangzhou soon after its establishment. The opening of the museum brings Grand Canal back to the spotlight and greatly boosts studies and appreciations of the histories and cultures around the canal. The museum is also shortlisted for the world-class museum construction campaign in China. Relicase is really honored to be part of this event.