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History museum


Permanent Exhibition


The world’s largest printed Quran

Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex,Quran Museum

Refit of Quran Museum ,Our team fabricated and installed freestanding display case in the shape of a crystal tent to protect the largest printed Quran in Quran Museum of the historical and archaeological site of Bolgar.

The historical and archaeological site of Bolgar was included in the World Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO in 2014 for its evidence as an official acceptance of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria. A Memorial Sign was set up to mark this remarkable event. Inside the building a Quran Museum was installed to present the Holy Books of Muslims in various forms.

In the solemn upper hall of the Memorial Sign, lies the central exhibit of the museum: the largest printed Quran in the world. To match this precious treasure,

The Freestanding Display cases which was installed in March, 2018, was built on an octagram-shaped base. The base was painted in white, the most adored color in Islamic culture, to suggest a sense of purity and serenity. So were metal beams at the top. Showcase walls were mounted without pillars.

The whole building was solely supported by glass walls, which fully demonstrated our precise design and superb construction skills. Consisting mostly of glass, the overall image of the showcase resembles a giant crystal tent, perfectly echoes with the helmet shaped dome of the museum.

Transparency of pure glass structure gives exhibit a perfect view, while the angles of glass sheets fit into the form of diamond cuttings, reflecting light beams from side directions. The showcase looks glowing from a distance, while fades into background when visitors come near the exhibit.

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