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Exhibition museum


Permanent Exhibition


textile arts and crafts

National Textile Museum Of Malaysia

For the National Textile Museum of Malaysia, freestanding display cases and wall display cases from Relicase gave a satisfied display effect, with the help of illumination. The National Textile Museum of Malaysia showcases the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia’s textile arts and crafts. Visitors to the museum can peek into the world of batik and learn about making batik as well as traditional fabrics such as Songket, Kain Gerus, Pua and Telepuk.

Some of the main exhibits are textile samples of historical value or fashionable designs. Four galleries, Pohon Budi, Pelangi, Teluk Berantai and Ratna Sari. They are dedicated to showcasing the architectural styles of the colonial period with a mixture of wall, freestanding and Table top display cases. This cooperation aimed for textile display.

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