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French Pavilion-Exhibition of the treasures from the Orsay Museum, EXPO 2010,Shanghai

To reveal selected art treasures to a larger population, the French government granted a special pass for 7 masterpieces from the Orsay Museum to be exhibited in French Pavilion set up for EXPO 2010,Shanghai:

L’Angélus (1857-1859) by Jean-François Millet;

The Balcony (1868-1869) by Édouard Manet;

The ballroom at Arles (1888) by Vincent Van Gogh;

The Meal (1891) by Paul Gauguin;

La Femme à la cafetière(1890-1895)by Paul Cézanne;

La Loge (1908) by Piere Bonnard; and

The Age of Bronze(1877) by Auguste Rodin .

     Showcases consisted of 22 bays, exhibits were displayed at intervals of 2 bays.Schott Amiran anti-reflective glass was introduced to manage transparent view of the paintings, while extra-clear glass were used in idling bays to keep the budget down.Materials used in museum display cases  are limited to glass, steel and aluminum alloys. 

     Aluminum honeycomb compound plates used for rear structural panels and the bottom plates were imported from Canada and coated with ICI aqueous metallic paint finish from U.K. Back of the showcases was enforced with steel armor plates up to 3mm thick, so as to defend unpredictable hazards from electric tools or physical intrusions. 

     Showcases for French Pavilion were built to the highest standard specified by the Haute Quality Environnementale (HQE) and in accordance with prevailing international standards on exhibits in major museums as well as existing safety standards.

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