Built-in Wall display cases W-03

Built-in Wall display cases W-03 design

Showcases Design Specification

  • Showcase Names: Built-in Wall display cases W-03
  • Showcase Type: Wall display cases
  • Showcase Model: W-03
  • Plinth: Steel
  • Light: LED
  • Locks: ABLY
  • Glass: Extra-clear glass / PVB laminated glass
  • Plinth Cladding: Steel plate
  • Opening Access System: Semi-automatic / Pull & Slide
    Glass Bonding Method: Recessed Channel Bonding
    Illumination: Recessed LED spot-light / Recessed LED wall washing
  • Technical Advisory: 86-28-85880066 info@relicase.com

Showcase Details

Built-in Wall display cases W-03 are engineered using an ultra-slim aluminium extrusion design, a visible front glass panel, back-wall is a solid backing panel. The case front can be fitted to any depth of a showcase carcass. This approach provides a high-security display area with 100% full opening access integrated with a concealed side hinge door. The back-wall can come with optional fabric wrapping, folded steel in powder-coated finish or inlaid with vertically adjustable shelving systems for heavy exhibit displays. An optional artsorb compartment for silica gel media is concealed below the bottom dress panel.

Built-in Wall display cases W-03