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About Relicase

Relicase is a professional Museum display cases (cabinets) and Museum showcases manufacturer and supplier in china, including Custom, Free standing, Wall, Table top display cases and more. We aims to designed high quality custom showcases for many cultural institutions, such as museum, exhibition, art gallery, library, as well as private collectors worldwide.

Our Factory

Our factory has office building, machining, glass processing, sheet metal parts processing, pre treatment, spraying, glass bonding, board, assembly workshop.

Why Relicase

Relicase specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of a variety of Museum Display Cases, aims to provide high quality customized solutions for the museum exhibition, display and more. What makes Relicase the best choice for your museum showcases?

Service Maintenance

Our service and maintenance guarantee covers every aspects of our meetings and contacts with our customers. This includes a complete understanding of your needs and a comprehensive brief from you beforehand.

This also covers the production and installation phases. Lastly, we are always around to ensure that long after you have been using our showcases, we can be called upon to help you whenever you require.

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