About us

Relicase is the museum display cases (cabinets) and museum showcases manufacturer in china, which aims to deliver high-quality and customized solutions. We are focused to deliver the highest standards of museum conservation as well as the protection and design objectives of the exhibitions. This is achieved through our continuous development of innovative ideas, the use of cutting-edge technology and our commitment to this industry.

Our R&D center is committed to the preventive protection of exhibition equipment and the improvement of microenvironment controls within showcases. With technical support from our R&D center, we designed a variety of customized showcases to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our design team regularly collaborates with top museum experts, contractors, curators, display designers, architects, artists to complete the most distinctive museum showcase design projects. Within just 15 years, we have supplied customized display cases and technical services to more than 370 museums, art galleries, libraries, cultural institutions and private collectors in 17 countries and regions around the world.

Cultural relics are of incalculable historical value to mankind. It is our company's mission to create outstanding museum display cases and the most optimal environment for the preservation of these cultural relics so that they can be appreciated for many generations to come.