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Project-WALL Display Cases

Our professional design team can meet customers' requirements. We offer the various types of wall display cases:

◆ Gallery dimension display cases are optimal for big exhibits, capable of featuring objects with large surface yet leave the entire gallery space uninterrupted

◆ Built-in wall cases are extremely solid and secure

◆ Wall-mounted display cases mounted directly against wall surfaces to provide a close-up, intimate view of the objects

◆ Niche wall display cases can be mounted directly against a wall surface with a hinged glass hood to provide a frameless glass case with a clear viewing side

Expandable Custom Display Cases with automatic control can be mounted directly into a wall, Automatic swing-door with electrical control, wireless control end. In modular design, the display cases combine sections or multi-units to produce an entire train of a single case with no limit on the size of its length, Full-Automatic swing-door with electrical control. Shelves can either be suspended on stainless steel rods that are adjustable along a discreet channel above in the case soffit via wireless control end. Cantilevered shelving or suspended graphic panels can be added on or configured at will in our modular case system.

Sharjah Museum Of Islamic Civilization

The Foundation And Library Of The First 

President Of The Republic

National Textile Museum Of Malaysia

More Past independent Custom Wall Display Cases

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