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The circular arc freestanding display cases 

The circular arc freestanding display cases;

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Royal Brunei Islamic Museum  Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum (Reconstruction of Sunbird) Sanxingdui Museum Of China 6-6.jpg          

list of main showcase projects fulfilled by relicase:  Royal Brunei Islamic Museum ; Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum ; Sanxingdui Museum Of China


The circular arc freestanding display cases installed on the metal structure plinth, have a circular arc shape, allows for complete all-round visibility.


Power supply, microclimate control, and access opening system are incorporated within the high-security plinth below. Lower plinth sealed from display area by steel sheet powder coated to match main extrusions. All sealing with Dow Corning 791 natural cure silicone.


Structural Glass 11.5mm laminated Optiwhite anti-bandit glass to BS 5544. This special low iron content ‘white’ glass greatly enhances the color rendering of objects in comparison to standard glass, which has a significant green tint. Optiwhite laminated 3-ply glass system also filters over 97% of UV radiation between 320 & 380 nanometres.


Cases offer ease of access with a high level of security and environmental control. For more information, our design offers a better solution.

   For more Freestanding display cases information, our design offers a better solution.

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