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Custom Demountable modular Museum Freestanding glass display case style

Nanjing Museum Of China   Capital Museum China

Nanjing Museum Of China  Demountable Showcase six display case fixed togetherNanjing Museum Of China  Demountable Showcase four display case fixed togetherThe six rows are fixed together Demountable Showcase
DG4A3726.jpg_G4A3146_看图王.jpgDemountable modular Museum Freestanding glass display case

Demountable modular Museum Freestanding glass display case

 Demountable Showcase comprises individual case modules, each of which can be quickly and easily fixed together to create larger showcases.Each module is a stand-alone showcase with full height glass for maximum flexibility. Glass Tops or Lighting Tops are interchangeable between modules. Modules can be assembled in a variety of custom configurations, whilst maintaining the security and sealing that is expected from a permanent showcase installation.Displays can be mounted on internal plinths, dress panels or fully adjustable hanging rod shelving. demountable systems are stunning design pieces – capable of displaying exhibits in 360 degree clarity. Available in single or multi-bays configurations, they can support a wide range of shelving, display and lighting options.

For more information, our design offers a better solution.  Museum Demountable modular freestanding display cases project case

Relicase has designed various types of museum display cases products, including freestanding display cases, wall cases, table-top cases, storage systems. All products are designed and manufactured by our factories in China to ensure consistency in fast delivery. Our products are produced to extremely high standards and extra care is taken at all stages of manufacturing and finishing. our cases are open to various options on materials, opening system, illumination, locking, security, and micro-environment control system. It is better we share more information to find a total solution for your exhibition. If you would like any help or advice, please call us on +86 (28) 858 800 66, or email us on

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