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Modular Humidity controlled display case

  • Modular Humidity controlled display case strict control of temperature and humidity. certainly fulfill the needs of a wide range of users, Fully modular and storable,either for permanent or temporary is comprises individual case modules, each of which can be quickly and easily fixed together to create larger showcases.
  • Specification

  • Plinth: Steel
  • Plinth Cladding: Steel plate
  • Case Frame: Aluminum alloy extrusion
  • Coating / Finishing: Powder coating
  • Opening Access System: Manual / Hinged
  • Glass: Extra-clear glass / PVB Laminated Glass
  • Light: Recessed LED spot-light
  • Locks: Mechanical Cam Lock
  • Glass Bonding Method: Recessed Channel Bonding
    Micro-environment Control(Humidity Control System): Humidifying agent
  • Modular Humidity controlled display case Structural Glass 11.5mm laminated Optiwhite anti-bandit glass to BS 5544. This special low iron content ‘white’ glass greatly enhances the colour rendering of objects in comparison to standard glass, which has a significant green tint. Optiwhite laminated 3-ply glass system also filters over 97% of UV radiation between 320 & 380 nanometres.All structural glass panels are the same size and are interchangeable between individual (same sized) case modules.

    Nanjing Museum Of China  modular Showcase six display case fixed together Demountable modular Museum Freestanding glass display case; Nanjing museum of china Demountable modular Museum Freestanding glass display case style Nanjing Museum Of China  Demountable Showcase four display case fixed together The six rows are fixed together Demountable Showcase Capital museum china Demountable modular Museum Freestanding glass display case style

    list of main showcase projects fulfilled by relicase: Nanjing Museum Of China ;  Capital Museum China 
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