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Relicase is honored to provide museum display cases for Bulgari's

Author:    Time:September-23-2021 09:22    Reading volume:1045

The Serpenti design has always been a distinctive element of Bulgari’s jewelry. Stylized serpent ornament reconciles a powerful vibe with a glossy elegance. Opening took place on 30rd April 2019 ,Relicase is honored to provide museum display cases for bulgarl's "serpentiform" exhibition!

Famous for its unique combination of rare colored stones, Bulgari’s jewelry line of Serpenti pieces pays tribute to this skill and adds onto it with evocative representations of the snake. The origin of Serpenti creations can be traced back to a turning point of Bulgari jewelry design at 1940s when the brand’s traditional French school taste, which favors the use of diamonds and platinum polished with geometric facets, was gradually switching to an emerging focus on gold and coils of the Serpenti creations. Afterwards, Bulgari also explored new possibilities by integrating exotic artistic designs from Asia and unconventional materials for high-end luxury like silk and porcelain into its jewelry collection. As it resonates with the spirit of the “SerpentiForm” exhibition, this remarkable adaptability of Bulgari speaks for its international reputation nowadays as a luxury fashion icon.