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Why is climate control a necessity in galleries

Author:    Time:September-01-2021 11:05    Reading volume:1221

The problems with conservation of art objects being kept in a hot and humid climate are very complex. Climatic conditions play an important role in controlling the deterioration factors to which art objects are susceptible. Standards developed for temperature and relative humidity levels are difficult to attain unless sophisticate equipment is used and the equipment can run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


At present, most buildings are equipped with air-conditioners. They often have few openings and are without adequate air movement. Air-conditioners are used in service areas for human comfort during working hours only.

As a consequence, it was observed that large scale outbreaks of fungi have caused serious problems in many air-conditioned buildings. A group of xerophilic fungi can grow and reproduce in conditions with a low availability of water.

Therefore, thoughtful consideration should be given to the overall building design, exterior walls and windows, insulation and vapor barriers, building materials, storage and display materials, as well as containers and enclosures.

Each container/enclosure contains a microclimate which slowly interchanges with the room environment. When environmental conditions in an exhibition or storage area are not optimal, an appropriate container/enclosure can shield the object from fluctuating or harmful environmental conditions.

Enclosure materials should be carefully selected.Each object should have its own protective housing and packaging to protect it from rapid changes in environmental conditions, dust, light and damage caused by handling.