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Freestanding showcases are widely applied in museums and exhibitions

Author:    Time:July-09-2021 10:00    Reading volume:431

Freestanding showcases are widely applied in museums and exhibitions for their self-supporting and mobility. There are three genres of freestanding showcase: column freestanding showcase, cabinet freestanding showcase and table freestanding showcase.  

Column freestanding showcase is named after its column-like outlook. It usually consists of a transparent glass top and a solid opaque plinth. This type of showcase is often designed into simple and light style, which is modern and chic. They are most popular in contemporary exhibitions within museums. Column freestanding showcases not only excel in their beauty, but also stand out for excellent utility.

Appearing in slender figures, column freestanding showcases can be quite versatile. They can be displayed individually and in clusters. As in the case of Museum of Islamic Arts, Doha, multiple column freestanding showcases are displayed in matrix. Thanks to the simple and light look of column cases, the exhibition delivers an air of order instead of crowded. Apart from this, column showcases are also easy to mobile, can be fitted into various exhibiting spot when needed. No wonder they are so popular in museums.