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National Army Museum Manufacture and Installation of Display Cases Tender Notice

Author:    Time:April-28-2021 13:25    Reading volume:1440

Manufacture and Installation of Display Cases

Closing date: 7 May 2021

Duration:1.5 month;Value:£20K

Published:23 Apr 2021 

Deadline:07 May 2021 11:00

The National Army Museum (NAM) is re-presenting its main entrance area and wishes to commission two new display cases that will feature there. Case 1 will be sited along a wall and contain mannequins wearing uniforms to represent a Guard of Honour. Case 2 will be sited opposite case 1 against an existing column and will contain one mannequin in uniform.

The cases are to be clad in a fascia of light oak wood to match existing NAM furniture. They are to have easy access to both the interior and any lighting systems.

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Museum Entrance Display Cases.docx


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