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What is the definition of a museum display case

Author:    Time:March-16-2021 13:03    Reading volume:302

"A museum is a non-profit, permanent institution in the service of society and its development that is open to the public for the collection, protection, study, dissemination and display of witnesses to man and his environment for the purpose of research, education and appreciation."

In the definition of museum, the main responsibility is to collect, protect, research, disseminate and display the evidence of human beings and human environment (i.e. collections). Therefore, the exhibition and display of museum collections has become an important way for the museum to realize its own functions. However, the exhibition and display of museum collections must rely on certain space and protection. Museum cabinets have solved the problems of space and protection in the exhibition of collections, and become the most important display equipment in the exhibition of museums.


Custom Museum display cases refers to the cabinet specially designed and made for collection storage and display for the purpose of research, education and appreciation to meet the needs of collection display and display. From the definition of museum display cabinets, museum display cabinets must serve for the display of the museum, and achieve the purpose of design and production for the purpose of the museum. Therefore, museum showcase is different from other commercial and general display cabinets, it has the following characteristics: wide application. As is known to all, museum display cases are the most basic and important display equipment. No matter in the construction of new museums or in the renovation and renewal of the original display equipment of old museums, a large number of museum display cases will be purchased. The rapid development of museum construction has provided a huge stage and broad market for the exhibition cabinets of museums.

Strong professionalism. Cultural relics, as the service objects of museum display cases, are non-renewable. Meanwhile, cultural relics themselves are important historical and cultural heritages with historical value, artistic value and scientific value.

Attribute and the value of the cultural relics determines the design of the museum exhibition shelves must be on the premise of cultural relics protection and safety, and according to the different physical and chemical properties of different cultural relics and the storage and display environment, special design museum exhibition shelves, strive for the maximum protection of cultural relics at the same time, build a fine display environment, will be better and more comprehensive cultural relics is presented in front of an audience.

Second, it involves many fields. The design and application of museum display cases need to be considered comprehensively from all aspects, involving many related disciplines. For example, the museum display case is a part of the museum display design, so the museum display case is bound to be connected with museology. For another example, in the design and production of museum display cases, factors such as protection of cultural relics and convenience for viewing should be taken into consideration to select the materials for the production of display cases. Therefore, museum display cases are closely related to material science. At the same time, the main service object of museum showcase is cultural relics, and its function is to create a relatively stable and excellent environment for the storage and display of cultural relics, which is related to cultural relics and indoor environment. Of course, the display function of the museum showcase will be closely linked with ergonomics and aesthetics.