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Display cases General Design Principles

Author:    Time:March-05-2021 16:53    Reading volume:311

Our design team regularly collaborates with top museum experts, display designers, architects and artists to complete exhibition projects. Our accumulated experience and excellent professional skills guide us throughout each project to solve even the most complicated issues.

Relicase display cases  general design principles include Appearance, Durability, Facility, Preservation, Security and more.


Allow showcases to harmoniously blend into the exhibition's environment, so as to emphasize the exhibits.


Ensure the structure of our showcases can be used in an indoor environment for an extended period without any obvious structural distortion.


Ensure that clients are able to conveniently open or close, display exhibits and perform daily maintenance.


Ensure that a customized interior environment is created and maintained for the preservation of the exhibit.


Ensure that the operators and exhibits are well protected by internationally recognized security measures and advanced technology.