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Museum display cases with drawers Relicase designed are widely applied

Author:    Time:January-22-2021 09:36    Reading volume:449

Museum display cases with drawers are ideally suited for small, possibly high value, one-sided exhibits such as coins, medals, archaeology, entomology, geology, textiles, documents and other personal effects. They are particularly helpful with light sensitive exhibits which are protected from light, except when drawers are open, thus reducing exposure levels.

Museum Storage display case with drawers is a perfect combination of look-down display and high-security storage, applicable to high density, compact display and storage.

Museum display cases with drawers Relicase designed are widely applied

For example, We customized a special Storage Systems Display Cases with drawers for National Gallery Singapore with Trika. The case measures about 5 meters long, consists of four individual showcases, and is fitted into a 2.5-ton metal casing. Several functional modules such as fiber optic lighting systems, semi-automatic damping slide mechanism, Artsorb passive modulator, electronic controls for opening and a table-top touch-screen were cleverly incorporated into this multi-tier assembly.



In the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery, we fabricated special museum drawer cases to store and display a vast collection of coins dated from the 19th century and the rich archives of this Central Bank. The cases we installed reveals the history of Malaysian currency perfectly.

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery,we design and install Museum display cases with drawers, Used to store the history of Malaysian currency and a vast collection of coins, mint coins in the 19 century, and the Central Bank's rich archives.;

We worked with BD & A and designed more than 86 display cases for Bank Indonesia Museum, most of which are display cases with drawers. The versatility of this system are extended to vertically or horizontally sliding document cases. Fully concealed high-specification sliding rails allow for a vertical sliding document case that is ideally suited for large undivided two-sided glass-fronts with a concealed, high-security door. This interpretation of the dynamic vertical sliding showcase allows textiles, banknotes and even coins of different thickness to be displayed together. Concealed fibre-optics light points are optional.

We worked with BD & A designed more than 86 display cases with drawers  for Bank Indonesia Museum;

These high-specification drawers are produced in folded steel and powder-coated to finish within a metal extrusion frame for all-round security. Individual drawers rests on dedicated pulleys for easy opening and closing. External or internal lighting systems are available. A micro-switch sensor allows lighting to be switched on only when each drawer is open to prevent long exposures of light-sensitive exhibits to artificial light. Applicable to high density or compact display and storage.