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Relicase supplying showcases of highest standards for National Gallery Singapore

Author:    Time:January-18-2021 17:16    Reading volume:182

National Gallery Singapore is the largest visual arts venue and museum in Singapore. It is housed in two of the island's most iconic buildings: former Supreme Court and City Hall. 

In November 2015, the Gallery was reopened to the public after ten years of renovation.

Lee Kuan Yew granted to transform those historic buildings into National Gallery on condition that 80% of the original layout being kept as it is. Thus the court room and police office of the High Court were preserved in their original form.

 National Gallery Singapore court room and police office

The architecture itself is a piece of art.A golden roof tiled with 15,000 aluminium panels shines vigorously in sunny days. And a corridor channels the old fashioned Palladian buildings of former city hall and supreme court.The ceiling designed with unique grains delivers an air of tropical forest and becomes the largest piece of art in the gallery.   National Gallery Singapore is old fashioned on the outside, and modern and chic on the inside.

 National Gallery Singapore A golden roof tiled with 15,000 aluminium panels shines vigorously in sunny days


Walking into the gallery, visitors bump into an installation art. Stepping on the glass floor, exhibits underneath fall into an infinite extension, one will be caught by the illusion of walking over an abyss. 


A police post stands right in the center of the supreme court, visitors are allowed to sit on the sofa and watch video clips.And don’t be surprised to find a detention house since we are walking in a supreme court. Relicase was honored to participate in the renovation of a national gallery that is both historic and modern.Showcases were painstakingly designed and crafted to suit specific galleries.

 National Gallery Singapore  police office

For example, a special Storage Systems Display Cases measures about 5 meters long, consisting of four individual showcases, was fitted into a 2.5-ton metal casing. Several functional modules such as fiber optic lighting systems, semi-automatic damping slide mechanism, Artsorb passive modulator, electronic controls for opening and  a table-top touch-screen were cleverly incorporated into this multi-tier assembly.


 National Gallery Singapore special Storage Systems Display Cases

As some of the key exhibits of the collection were loan items from eminent museums such as The British Museum, our showcases had to pass stringent parameters set based on European benchmarks. In order to gauge the built-quality and air-tightness levels, the entire team from Singapore Heritage Conservation Centre (HCC) introduced test kits for the observation and monitoring of RH (Relative Humidity) as well as lab-specified coupons (ODDY Tests) within cases. Relicase nailed the challenge. 

 National Gallery Singapore Panoramic glass display cases

 National Gallery Singapore glass display cases projects;

To keep the furniture “original”, our design team developed unique contact-free fiber-optic lighting system for table-top cases for the antique tables. Fully demonstrate the blend-in, fade-out design ethos of Relicase.


Since its reopening, this historic yet modern art center of Southeast Asia has attracted visitors from all over the world and become one of Singapore's unmissable attractions.