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Relicase accelerated the official reopen of Henan Museum

Author:    Time:January-11-2021 09:42    Reading volume:45

     Henan Museum announced its official reopening on December 26th ,2020, after a trial period of three months.


     The Museum was temporarily closed since July 2015 for a comprehensive renovation for seismic reinforcement and layout upgrade. The refurbished museum appeared with upgraded infrastructure, exhibition layout and public services. Visitors are invited to witness the grandeur of permanent exhibition themed A great civilization rises with capitals established in the Central Plain , the exquisite of special exhibition of Henan in Ming and Qing periods , and the personality of temporary exhibition of The art world of Luxun. 


      Established in 1927, Henan Museum is one of the oldest and largest museums in China. And contains a vast collection of prehistoric artifacts, bronze wares, ceramics, jade wares, stone carvings, etc. The objects add up to more than 170 ,000 pieces. The reopening offered a visual feast of 16 spectacular exhibition halls scattering on 4 consecutive floors to the visitors.


Ivory radish


Key piece, Jiahu Bone Flute


Key piece, Bronze Jin with cloud design

      The most famous pieces of the Museum: the Jiahu Bone Flute, “Fuhao”Owl-shaped Bronze Zun, Bronze rectangular Hu with lotus and crane decorations, Bronze rectangular Ding with animal mask motif are all exhibited to celebrate the reopening. Housing all these treasures are museum display cases manufactured by Relicase.


      Henan Museum  Display cases are all designed according to characters of certain objects: chunky free standing cases for bronze vessels, spacious wall cases for group exhibitions, climate controlled table cases for ancient books and scrolls, etc.


 Key piece,“Fuhao”Owl-shaped Bronze Zun