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Relicase realized a bold concept in Museum of Islamic Art Doha

Author: relicase    Time:November-27-2020 10:18    Reading volume:1815

Standing ashore the Persian Gulf, the Museum of Islamic Art Doha is so far the most comprehensive museum themed on Islamic Art. The museum containing the essence of Islamic culture is a masterpiece of renowned 20th Century architect, I.M.Pei.


This cream-coloured limestone architectural marvel rises almost apparition-like out of the blue azure sealine, piercing the wide-open clear skyline with an indomitable spirit. Within the cavernous interior, a 150-foot-tall glass curtain wall offers panoramic views of the Gulf and West Bay area of Doha from all five floors of the silver domed atrium.

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The museum exhibition galleries are specifically curated with highlights of Islamic artworks from all over the world. Paintings, crafted glassworks, metalworks, manuscripts, and textiles are some of these precious artifacts that date back from the 7th century towards the  13th century, depicting a glorious history of the Islamic influence across the Middle-East. 


Designed as "black boxes" without natural light, the galleries are quite literally made to allow visitors to appreciate objects of utilitarian origin.

Collaborating with famous French interior designer Wilmotte & Associés SA, Relicase fabricated museum display cases for the priceless treasures in the galleries. The showcases fade and float in the air so as to enhance the pieces of artworks. These display cases secure and blend perfectly into the awe-inspiring interior spaces of the museum.


This perfect realization of bold concepts of the case design is a specialty of Relicase. Showcases were made to pass the most rigorous quality tests. After more than ten years from their installation, one can still find the same distinction in the bold design that permeates throughout these I.M. Pei's inspired exhibition halls.

Relicase proved its excellence in showcase manufacturing once again with first-class quality tested by the highest international standards and cooperation with major museums around the world.