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Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex-The world's largest printed Quran.

Author:    Time:November-26-2020 16:19    Reading volume:1908

The historical and archaeological site of Bolgar was emplaced as a World Culture Heritage site by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in 2014. The Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex contains evidence of the medieval city of Bolgar which existed between the 7th and 15th centuries AD. Providing remarkable evidence of historic continuity and cultural diversity, the complex's building houses the Quran Museum. A symbolic reminder of the acceptance of Islam by the Volga Bolgars in AD 922, the Quran Museum displays a collection of Holy Books of Muslims in various forms. In the upper hall of the Memorial Sign lies the central exhibit of the museum: the world's largest printed Quran.

 Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex-The world's largest printed Quran Relicase

This Quran was printed in Italy with 623 pages of Scottish paper. With a length of 200cm and width of 150cm, the Quran weighs up to half a ton. The cover is made of calfskin and heavily decorated with silver, gold leaf, plates of malachite, turquoise, coral, dark green aventurine, amethyst, zircon, lapis lazuli, red jasper and topaz.

Worthy of mention is the exhibition display case for this remarkable Quran. The unique outline of the vitrine resembles the symbolic structure typical in Islamic mosques, crafted with engineering precision into a dome shape. The ultra transparency of the extra-clear, low-iron glass delivers a clear view of the exhibit at all angles. Poised like a multi-faceted diamond, the entire showcase catches the ambient lightscape and reflects light in all directions. From a distance, the showcase lights up remarkably like a magical illusion whilst a light sensor dims down the glare when visitors approach the exhibit.


Applying architectural and advanced glass engineering techniques, the frameless showcase is constructed entirely without any pillars or visible braces. This is the result of Relicase’s precision engineering, collective design ingenuity and technical skills.


The showcase is also equipped with a comprehensive micro-climate control system to deliver sensitive protection over the precious exhibit.

Our team fabricated and installed free standing display case in the shape of a crystal tent to protect the largest printed Quran in Quran Museum of the historical and archaeological site of Bolgar.