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Imperial Edicts arrived in Foshan Ancestral Temple. Relicase guarantees their security.

Author:    Time:November-18-2020 16:59    Reading volume:408

  Are you curious about what a real “Imperial Edict”looks like? Come to the debut show of newly refurbished Treasure Pavilion in Foshan Ancestral Temple Museum and see for yourself. A traveling exhibition of Purple air approaching, Imperial Edict arriving is on show in the museum. This is the first Imperial Edict themed exhibition in Guangdong region, and an important exchange between Guangdong and Jiangsu curators. Relicase contributed to the protection of “Imperial Edict”by fabricating all the museum display cases for this refurbishment.



  The Imperial Edicts on this exhibition is the collection of Imperial Edict Museum in Xuzhou. More than 70 pieces/sets of Imperial Edict are displayed on the show. Some of the edicts are rated National relics for their documentary value to the history and diversifying contribution to the traditional culture. The traveling exhibition has already toured Beijing, Xiamen, Suzhou and Chengdu. And will be on show in Foshan till January 17th, 2021.