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The production of cultural relics display cabinet of modern art masterpieces Museum meets the eight basic requirements of product quality

Author:    Time:November-06-2020 10:16    Reading volume:564

1、External harmony requirements - the display cabinet should be consistent with the design of the hall, and the display of the items displayed in it is beneficial, but almost invisible

Bank Indonesia museum display case design Real picture of finished product

Bank Indonesia museum display case design Real picture of finished product

2、Durability requirements - the company's experts believe that it is necessary to ensure that each display case can serve its customers for a long time before it is produced without any structural changes or losses


3、 Environmentally sound requirements - all materials used in display cabinets pass the so-called Oddy test method to ensure the inert and non radioactive properties of metals, fabrics, wood and glass used. The UV radiation in the display cabinet will not exceed 10 NW / LM under any circumstances, and the air exchange - display cabinet volume will not exceed 1% (CO2 registration test).

4、 Passive safety requirements - frame steel structures are used in the fabrication of display cabinets to ensure structural stability, integrity and strength. The default is laminated glass. The design engineers know the quality of Chinese small machinists, so they use Finnish locks.

Special exhibition of ayuwang tower in Nanjing  Museum  style display cabinets

Special exhibition of ayuwang tower in Nanjing  Museum  style display cabinets

5、Lighting control requirements - the lighting equipment in the display cabinet is accurately calculated according to the allowable light, IR and UV emission requirements, and meets the requirements of the custodian for the safety of the exhibits. If necessary, the bulb is equipped with a dimmer - smooth dimming.

6、usability requirements - each display cabinet, even the largest display cabinet, can be opened by one person, and maintenance of display cabinet can be carried out without maintenance of storage space (alarm equipment, replacement of adsorbent box).


7、environmental control requirements - cabinets must have active and passive climate control functions. According to the requirements of customers, we can make display cabinet with oxygen free environment and remote control function.

A specialized department of the company is engaged in the research and implementation of technological innovation, not only in the production of its equipment, but also in the restoration and scientific preservation methods used by experts throughout China. The company believes its mission is to combine technical knowledge with new ideas to allow the creation of display cabinets to preserve items from centuries to generations.