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Relicase paid tribute to the 40th anniversary of establishment of Zhuhai SEZ and the opening of new exhibition hall of Zhuhai Museum,

Author:    Time:October-28-2020 13:58    Reading volume:408

Zhuhai Museum opened its new venue on Oct. 26th in salute to the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Zhuhai SEZ. Relicase was honored to provide all museum showcases for the museum.


Zhuhai Museum has three permanent halls and three temporary halls to exhibit its collection of 15560 pieces. The new venue will become landmark of the city. Its opening contributed to the promotion of city character and civil culture. Relicase feels privileged to add color to this event.    




Museum showcases displayed in Zhuhai Museum are manufactured by Relicase. We take several measures to ensure perfect security: The glazing used on display cases is laminated ultra white glass, which secures comprehensive protection over artifacts with extra strength and 99% absorption over UV radiation. All panels are fireproof, including those with wooden patterns (transprinted on metal).  Locking system are from top brand of the world.