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Relicase contributed to the opening of Shanghai University Museum

Author:    Time:October-26-2020 15:23    Reading volume:384

Lately, a Museum of Shanghai Style Culture was officially opened to the public at Shanghai University, to which Relicase make significant contribution.

Shanghai University Museum was dedicated to the collecting, exhibiting, researching, and educating of Shanghai style culture and Shanghai dialect. The hanging out of Museum of Shanghai Style Cultureshingle accents the theme of the museum. On the opening ceremony,  the Museum received a generous gift of 100 Pieces of Rong's Cheongsam from Shanghai Antique Cheongsam Boutique.

In the calligraphy and painting exhibition hall of Shanghai University Museum,  stood table cases and microclimate controlled demountable cases customized from Relicase. Cases are made of laminated ultra white glass to achieve clear vision while providing sufficient protection. Table cases are equipped with electrical elevating mechanism to allow access and locking remotely with a control APP. Every demountable case is equipped with an imported microclimate control system to maintain stable humidity in the case. Providing best protection for museum artifacts is always our first concern.