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Global Solicitation for Conceptual Architectural Design of $1.5M

Author:    Time:October-14-2020 10:52    Reading volume:656

Sanxingdui Museum is looking for design genius to create new home for its grotesque artifacts. A global Solicitation for Conceptual Architectural Design of New Hall and Visitor Center of Sanxingdui Museum is now open for application. The project locates 40 kilometers north to Chengdu, China, with a construction area of 35000㎡, including 30000㎡ of new exhibition hall and 5000㎡ for tourist center. 

The total investment is estimated to be around $158 M, with about $1.5M allocate to the Conceptual Architectural Design. Application should be submitted before 17:00 Oct.29,2020 (GMT+8).

Sanxingdui Museum

Sanxingdui Ruin Site dates back to 4800-2600 years ago, with a distribution area of 12km². Its discovery provides unique physical evidence of the ancient Shu Kingdom. Besides, it strings miraculous N30°parallel together with Maya civilization, ancient Egyptian civilization and ancient Babylon civilization, and is honored as “the source of Yangtze civilization” and “the ninth wonder of the world”. Sanxingdui Ruin Site was listed in “Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level” in 1988 and "the first batch of national archeological parks" in 2010. Now, it has been listed in Tentative List of China's World Cultural Heritages.

2020 Sanxingdui Museum showcase renovation project

As a contracted showcase supplier and a close friend of the Museum, Relicase is looking forward to the magnificent new building designed by global masters.  

And we would like to help design elites with solicitation documents below:   

French:dossiers de collection mondiale Musee Sanxingdui.pdf

English:Global solicitation for Sanxingdui.pdf

Sanxingdui Museum's official website