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Henan Museum reopens after 5 years of comprehensive renovation
Author:    Time:September-27-2020 09:37    Reading volume:179

Henan Museum announced its reopening on September 24th, 2020. Visits are free when subscribed on the web in advance.

The Museum was temporarily closed since July 2015 for a comprehensive renovation for seismic reinforcement and layout upgrade.


The reopening exhibition venue includes 16 halls scattering on 4 floors. Each represents a certain era in the history or a special collection of a kind. For example, the Hall of Neolithic age , Henan in Ming & Qing Dynasty , Special Exhibition for National Treasure, Bronze Arts of Chu in Central Plains, etc. A special Music Hall was arranged for daily show of Chinese Ancient Music performed by Huaxia Ancient Music Orchestra.


The most famous pieces of the Museum: the Jiahu Bone Flute, “Fuhao”Owl-shaped Bronze Zun, Bronze rectangular Hu with lotus and crane decorations, Bronze rectangular Ding with animal mask motif are all exhibited to celebrate the reopening. Housing all these treasures are museum display cases manufactured by Relicase. We are so proud to provide perfect protection for priceless exhibits.


The opening hours of Henan Museum are 9:00—17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday. No admittance after 16:00. Off every Monday except national holidays.