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Relicase won the Top 10 National relics conservation products and technologies Award
Author:    Time:September-16-2020 15:16    Reading volume:56

        On September 11, 2020, the 6th National relics conservation products and technologies awards ceremony was held in Changsha. The Automatic Diagonal open freestanding case developed by Relicase was awarded Top 10 National relics conservation products and technologies. 


        The awards was initiated by Chinese Cultural Relics, Collaborative platform for industrialization and application of relic conservation equipment, and China Association for Preservation Technology of Cultural Relics. More than 80 projects applied since the nomination began in May, 2020. Only 20 of them was shortlisted after pre-elimination on July 30th .  

         Final competition was held on September 11, 2020. When a review committee of 18 members went through the demonstrations of 20 shortlisted projects, and announced the final winners. Relicase won the Top 10 National relics conservation products and technologies Award with its Automatic Diagonal open freestanding case. 

         The award-winning product--Automatic Diagonal open freestanding case achieves maximal opening by DOUBLE-LEAF ACCESS technique. When driven by automatic motors, the opposing units formed by adjacent glass leaves separate in the diagonal directions, leaving one opening on the front and another in the back. The double-opening structure allows access from both directions simultaneously, which makes it optimal for handling of exhibits that are extremely heavy or delicate. 


       The application of this technique not only eased exhibiting process, but also added a bit novelty to the exhibiting manner. Relicase is actively engaged in the research and development of new products and new technologies, focusing on the design and production of high-end display cases to boom the development of the industry. We are known for excellent quality in display case production, micro-climate control, and integral design which is far above average. Thus have been unanimously affirmed by the industry.