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The importance of museum display case in exhibition design

Author:    Time:September-15-2020 16:07    Reading volume:619

These museum display cases are a sleek way to feature collectibles, artwork, and valuable artifacts in places。high-end glass display cases, which adds an elegant backdrop for your collectibles. 


Exhibition and preservation are central to museums. The very act of exhibition; however, can set in motion the rapid deterioration of museum objects. Exhibit conservation, the subject of these guidelines, focuses on practical techniques that protect museum collections while on display.

These guidelines make the case for early and active involvement of a conservator in the exhibit process. Exhibit conservators have a body of information to share with designers and other exhibit specialists to ensure a preservation-responsible approach to design. An exhibit conservator begins by articulating the criteria for safe display of the objects chosen. These conservation criteria allow the exhibit team into integrate conservation in exhibit planning, design, and production.

Experience shows that a successful product demands a close, constructive working relationship between qualified exhibit and conservation specialists as well as a sense of responsibility among team members for collections preservation. These guidelines present a variety of techniques that the exhibit team can use in working together to fulfill critical conservation criteria. Enclosing sensitive objects inside well-designed exhibit cases is a practical approach to object preservation, so considerable technical information on exhibit case design and fabrication is included.