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Archaeological work on Sanxingdui site is going to resume, mysteries is about to be revealed.
Author:    Time:September-10-2020 12:22    Reading volume:88

The Head of Sanxingdui Archaeological station remarked: newly excavated sacrifice ruins showed signs of gold wares and ivory pieces. This may renew current theory on the relationship between Sanxingdui and Jinsha. 


 According to RedStar news, archaeologists will resume excavation of a new sacrifice pit in Sanxingdui ruins this September. The newly excavating pit was numbered Pit III after the previous unearthed ones. Lei Yu, the head of Sanxingdui archaeological station can’t help the excitement on the discovery of this Pit III, since this might greatly low the probability of Sanxingdui being a disposal site for treasures of a defeated kingdom. Archaeologists are exited to refresh their knowledge on the functionality of Sanxingdui sacrifice ruins.


 Lei Yu also released that signs of gold wares and ivory pieces were detected during the site investigation, which might renew popular theory about the relation between Sanxingdui and Jinsha(another ancient Shu ruins unearthed few miles away from Sanxingdui) “I assume that Sanxingdui and Jinsha might have co-existed for more than 100 years. There might be two capitals within the ancient Shu Kingdom.”


The symbolic treasures unearthed from previous excavations as the bronze tree, the standing statue, the gold scepter, and the jade blade with heavily motifs are well preserved and displayed in museum grade showcases customized from Relicase. We would be well prepared to design proper display devices for the upcoming treasures.