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Design process of Museum display cases uk

Author:    Time:September-01-2020 14:21    Reading volume:535

Defining and describing “Design process of Museum display cases uk” is not an easy task.  After 16+ years working in museum exhibition design, I have arrived at my own definition.  The first tough part is a definition of a “museum”.  I have kludged together a definition of “museum”:



At this early design stage, we set up a face to face meeting. Next our design team research and brainstorm insight and ideas. By defining the clients’ goals and objectives, creative design sparks begin to unfold and the first design definitions are put to paper.

2. CONCEPT    

Our creative designers work closely with you to develop bespoke exhibition design ideas and concepts that are tested as well as researched. When it comes to creativity set no boundaries, generating engaging exhibit concept designs that tick all the boxes is our aim.

3. DESIGN    

This is the fun part where all the necessary design & sustainability criteria seamlessly get integrated into the exhibition design project or experience. We infuse your key objectives to positively engage and develop your audience, designing unique and bespoke exhibitions.


With strong organisation and communication skills, we project manage exhibitions, ensuring they are completed hassle-free, on schedule and within budget. From concept to completion, our project management team successful delivery, throughout the exhibit design process, of all aspects of exhibitions.