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Museum wall urpight display cases
Author:    Time:August-28-2020 13:26    Reading volume:111

Museum wall urpight display cases Because of its high visibility, it has become the ideal choice for the museum.The main feature is that they have a wide field of vision and can not only appreciate the objects, but also suit these display cabinets because of their individuation. The size of these display cabinets varies according to your needs.

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum And Art Gallery Museum wall urpight display cases

Relicase designed a set of high-customized Museum wall urpight display cases with a length of nearly 30m (3.5m height)。 These separate display cases were designed along an 8-meter-high wall, used to display Bakau shipwreck artifacts the museum recently acquired for more than S$300m.

  The Maritime Experiential Museum At Resorts World Sentosa Singapore Museum wall urpight display cases

 Relicase design and install all its Museum wall urpight display cases, including storage systems and wall display cases.