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Renovation project of the Museum of USTC
Author:    Time:July-28-2020 13:30    Reading volume:254

The renovation project of Exhibition Hall No.1 in the Museum of USTC was launched in October, 2019. Due to the unexpected outbreak of COVID19 pandemic, the renovation was once held up. As the situation getting relieved, the project came to a restart.


A proposal meeting was held at USTC on May 6th,2020. We have a heated discussion on layout plans. And eventually reached a consensus with curators from the Museum.


On June 11, the second project progress meeting was successfully held. Our project manager and chief designer attended the meeting, and discussed implementation details and in-depth designs of the showcases with experts from the museum. The meeting clarified requirements on showcases and layouts, and set up a torch light for the implementation work.

The renovation project is aimed at expanding exhibition capacity and elevating display level of the Museum. Creating  a contemporary multifunctional exhibition center that embodies characteristics and virtues of USTC. As well as providing better museum experience to teachers, students and museum lovers of USTC.

Thanks to effective communications on both meetings, the renovation project was carried out smoothly under the guidance of the meeting spirit.