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Showcase provision for Renovation project of Henan Museum
Author:    Time:July-13-2020 17:15    Reading volume:329

Henan Museum

Congratulations on our business team’s successful nailing of showcase provision for Renovation project of Henan Museum.

Henan Museum is one of the major national museums firstly founded in China. After decades of exhibition, original layout of the museum became a bit outdated. The renovation work started in 2015, aiming at endowing novel spirits to ancient heritages.  The upgrading was reflected in the adoption of new concepts, modern trends, novel materials, and advanced technologies. All these innovations work closely together to bring exhibitions and artifacts alive.

The renovation covers general exhibition hall, multifunctional exhibition hall, temporary gallery, and fine collection exhibition hall all over the 3-story museum. Now that the renovation comes to the final stage, showcases for artifacts are demanded by the museum.

We impressed the client with our rich experience and excellent craftsmanship, and was entrusted with the duty of providing varies showcases including wall cases, tabletop cases, built-in cases, free-standing cases, and customized cases. Let’s look forward to the collaboration between two keen heritage guardians.