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Witness of historical salute to the 70th Anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China
Author:    Time:September-24-2019 11:24    Reading volume:291

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, a special exhibition themed “Witness of History”  was curated in the Treasure Gallery of Potala Palace. The exhibition was opened to the public on September 23rd, with 200+ exhibits gathered from museums and temples all over Tibet. Display cases in this exhibition are all provided by Relicase within a very short notice.


Treasure Hall of Potala is rebuilt from a 3-story Zang style building at the foot of the Potala Palace. It was transformed into the exhibition window of Tibetan culture since 2009.

Relicase came into cooperation with Potala Palace in 2017, supplying exhibition showcases for Potala Palace Fine Collection Exhibition. Our showcases were so well-received that when the project of Witness of History came up, the museum immediately decided to order from us again.

Being on the Roof of the World, the project posed unprecedented challenges to our site technicians. The high altitude of this exhibition exceeds 3700 meters, which is the highest of all projects. Fortunately, our colleague successfully delivered the job despite an extremely tight schedule.


7 pieces of National Treasure, implying the number 70, were exhibited to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. Among them, the twin-body pottery pot unearthed at the Karo site symbolizes the same root and close blood between Tibet and the mainland. And the jade pot gifted to Tibetan leader by Chairman Mao embodies the close and intensive care from the central government.

Priceless treasures tell legendary stories of a distant history. Frameless showcases provide solid protection for the treasures. A perfect match is the constant pursuit of Relicase, and drives us on the way of innovation and inheritance.