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Museum cultural relics protection environment

Author:    Time:July-16-2018 10:50    Reading volume:1280

Museum cultural relics preservation environment mainly including the indoor temperature and humidity, light, air pollutants and harmful organisms in the museum. The cultural relic preservation environment can be understood as the sum of the surrounding environmental factors centered on cultural relics.
As an important part of cultural heritage, cultural relics retain rich information in the form of objects, with historical, artistic and scientific value. In order to study and utilize the information resources contained therein, the material form of the cultural relics must be preserved.
However, due to the characteristics of cultural relics and the universality of its internal motion, coupled with environmental factors, cultural relics have a tendency to decline, damage or even disappear in the natural environment, that is, the natural damage of cultural relics, the essence of which is environmental factors. Physical or chemical interactions with cultural relics make cultural relics increasingly change their original form and composition, and endanger the long-term preservation of cultural relics.
The concern of the Institute of Cultural Relics Conservation Environment is the relationship between environment and cultural relics preservation, the process and mechanism of environmental factors and cultural relics, and find the best environment for the preservation of cultural relics, and ultimately slow down the natural damage of cultural relics.