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How to maintain museum display cases?

Author:    Time:June-27-2018 10:50    Reading volume:1589

Museum display cases are used to display goods with a protective display stand, but it also needs to be maintained. How to maintain museum display cases?

First, when wiping the showcases, it is best to wipe the display cases with a soft cloth that is absorbent, such as a towel, cotton, or flannel cloth, otherwise, it may scratch the surface of showcases, which should be avoided as much as possible.

Second, Don't clean the dust on the surface of the showcases with a dry cloth. The dust consists of fibers, sand, and alumina. Many people clean the surface of the showcases with a dry cloth, but in fact, these fine particles can damage the surface paint of the display cases in the friction rubbing back and forth. Although these scratches are negligibly small and even the naked eye can't see it, but over time, it will cause the surface of the showcase looking pale and rough, and no longer shining.

Finally, Pay attention to prevent water from penetrating into the wood. If happened, it will cause moldy or local deformation of the wood and shorten the service life.