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Museum display cases important performance

Author:    Time:June-01-2018 10:50    Reading volume:1204

Museum display cases are museum-specific equipment used to display and preserve cultural relics. It must meet the requirements for cultural relics exhibitions, protection and operational.
For exhibitions and protection requirements for cultural relics:
The appearance and size of the museum showcases must meet the requirements. The dimensional error must be controlled within ±1.5mm. The workmanship must be fine and the appearance should be free from twisting. The gaps and lines should be even and symmetrical.
All the materials used in the museum display cases should be made of environmentally friendly materials and related inspection reports should be provided to avoid any damage to the cultural relics.
The exhibition space of the museum showcases should be a completely enclosed structure, prevent pollution particles from entering the exhibition space to ensure the environmental stability of the cultural relic exhibition space, and the air exchange rate inside the exhibition space should be controlled within 20%.
In order to ensure the safety of the cultural relics, the locks used in the display cases should have certain anti-theft properties, and the keys should be configurable according to the management requirements.
Museum display cases glass should be laminated ultra-high white glass, glass surface should't have scratches, can withstand about 50kg of impact, even after the glass is broken should not damage the cultural relics and the audience; glass transmittance should more than 90%, the most realistic colors of cultural relics should be presented to the audience.