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Museum display cases technical requirements
Author:    Time:May-28-2018 10:50    Reading volume:207

Museum display cases technical requirements include temperature and humidity, opening, closed, fire prevention, lighting, materials, size, anti-theft and so on. For different cultural relics, the designers must put forward the technical requirements of the relevant museum display cases.


The following introduces several major technical requirements:


1. Temperature and humidity


The display cases have a certain temperature and humidity which are necessary and basic protection measures for cultural relics. While displaying cultural relics, the museum must always keep in mind the important duties of protecting cultural relics. Cultural relics are non-renewable and cultural carriers. They must be protected at all costs.


2. Opening


The design of the opening method for showcases will depend on the type of showcase, its size and position, the operating preferences of the museum staff and other factors. Regardless of the opening method, we take close safety precautions and ensure independent operation by one person.


3. Closed


The closed museum exhibits good performance can effectively control the display cabinet temperature and humidity, dust, prevent the intrusion of harmful substances, to ensure the purity of air, etc., for the protection of cultural relics inside the cabinet has a very important role. In fact, to measure the quality of the showcase, the sealing performance is one of the more important indicators. For cultural relics such as paintings and silk paintings, in order to achieve a constant temperature and humidity in the cabinet, the display cabinet must have a good seal.


4. Fire prevention


Fire prevention is a necessary basic requirement for the exhibition and exhibition facilities including exhibition halls and museum display cases. With the advancement of science and technology, modern museums will be more and more advanced in the use of fire prevention facilities, which is more conducive to the protection of cultural relics.


5. Lighting


The quality of the display of artifacts depends largely on the lighting of the showcase. From creating an exhibition environment and atmosphere, and highlighting cultural relics, artificial light sources can maximize the light source and illumination. Any type of lighting must meet the requirements of the Codes for Design of Lighting in Museums.