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Design and Art of Museum Showcases
Author:    Time:March-17-2018 14:23    Reading volume:216

Showcases are the guardians of cultural relics in the museum and bridges between the cultural relics and the audience. It is a vital link in the museum's display of artistic appeal and personality. Therefore, there are several aspects that should be dealt with in the design of a showcase: the relationship between humans and cultural relics, the relationship between showcases and the environment, and the relationship between cultural relics and the environment.
We know that museum showcases are used in places where it is necessary to showcases treasures. It is very important to us. Museum showcases are an indispensable part of the museum. Its design should be combined with the museum’s experience and design.
Museum display cases include main structure materials. According to the characteristics of dimensions, formulate a design scheme that meets the user experience, so that more humanized museum showcases products can be produced.
Museum showcases design not only needs to protect the cultural relics, also incorporates the characteristics of the museum and integrates into the main body of the museum showcases. Museum showcases play an important role. We are guardians of cultural relics and creators of museums.