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The Maritime Experiential Museum At Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

Time:February-25-2012 10:50    Reading volume:2181

For the Singapore Maritime Experiential Museum, Relicase designed a set of high-customized museum display cases with a length of nearly 30m (3.5m height)。 These separate display cases were designed along an 8-meter-high wall, used to display Bakau shipwreck artifacts the museum recently acquired for more than S$300m.

Using pre-engineered parts and a fully-concealed interlocking system framework, the entire showcase was assembled within an astonishing 3 days with another 2 days spent testing air-tightness and security measures. Artifacts were protected within their space by a collaborative ensemble of expert security advisers and technicians that pre-laid elaborate nodes of sensitive alarm wirings.

Lighting experts from France-based Lightcibles were detailed in their specifications for recessed ceiling-mounted fiber optic projectors that achieve subtle accent lighting with glass tails that have a dual role in delivering a 6-degree spot to pick up a tiny 3cm teacup to a 35 degree light envelope for earthen jars that measure 1.5 meters across. Apart from this main showcase, another group of tall, slim display cases was engineered to be fully demountable with unimpeded views from both sides.

The High Tech Museum in Singapore's Sentosa Island is Singapore's first maritime museum. Its exquisite design, unique concept, challenged the senses of visitors, brought a refreshing museum experience, and was very innovative, creating a fun interactive platform. The museum core designed from both the New York-based Ralph Appelbaum Architects and Singapore resident DP Architects.

The Bakau shipwreck and Temasek archaeological site create a must-see experience. Revealing the amazing voyage of the discovery of rare exhibits at The Maritime Experiential Museum in Singapore. Temasek archaeological site can be found at Maritime Archaeology Gallery.

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