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Guangzhou Museum Of China

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Relicase designed more than 20 showcases for the Guangzhou Museum, Guangdong, including wall display cases, Built-in wall cases, and freestanding cases. We were appointed as a Guangzhou Museum display case supplier to design and install display cases. On Nov. 2018, we successfully completed the Guangzhou Museum display cases Project. Our design enhances the visual effect and received recognition and high praise from the client.

Located in the Yuexiu Park in Guangzhou City (Canton), Guangzhou Museum is a comprehensive history museum with local characteristics. Established in 1929, it is a place used for collection and exhibition of historical data and cultural relics of the city. Featuring local culture, the museum shoulders the mission of collecting, preserving and interpreting the relics of Guangzhou City. Our permanent exhibition Guangzhou History offers a kaleidoscopic array of the city history and culture for the visitors through nearly 1,000 exhibits.

In the embrace of the verdant and beautiful Yuexiu Mountain, Guangzhou Museum is located in Zhenhai Tower. Zhenhai Tower was renovated and opened to the public again as Guangzhou Municipal Museum on 11 February 1929. Guangzhou Municipal Museum is the predecessor of Guangzhou Museum, being one of the earliest museums in China. Under successive development, Guangzhou Museum houses several exhibition areas besides Zhenhai Tower, including Guangzhou Art Gallery, Memorial of the Anti-British Invasion of Sanyuanli People and Memorial of the March 29th Uprising Headquarters.

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