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Sanxingdui Museum Of China

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After months of renovation, Sanxingdui Museum reopened to the public on March 23rd ,2020 with a splendid new look. National treasures like the bronze tree, the standing statue, the gold scepter, and the jade blade with heavy motifs were revealed in brand-new showcases customized from Relicase. These artifacts are unparalleled in every aspects, thus deserving the best preservation and unique display standard.

Take the bronze tree for example: the tree measures 3.95m in height, which is the tallest piece of bronze artifacts unearthed till todate. The giant tree obviously demands an enormous display case. Relicase developed a 5.5m tall cylinder glass showcase to contain the bronze tree. A single glass bay of this huge showcase weighs more than 1000 kilos, yet we  managed to install automatic opening access with tracks and hinges.


Another object should be told about is the standing statue. This bronze statue stands on an 80cm tall bronze pedestal, which makes the total height to 260.8cm. We heightened the showcase to 400cm, which is far taller than the statue itself. Abundant space allows extra plinth under the bronze pedestal, which elevates the statue to a worshipping position. The spotlights around the top edges shine down like stars, adding divine atmosphere to the exhibition.

The gold scepter resembles a supreme power of divinity and royalty, and should be treated with the highest regard. The excavated gold scepter in Sanxingdui Museum still glitters after thousands of years. Anti-reflective glass were used to reveal the full beauty of this royal treasure.

All these details in design and fabrication reflect a glimpse of our respect and passion for the showcase industry.

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