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Shanghai Astronomy Museum

Time:September-26-2021 11:30    Reading volume:2007

Shanghai Astronomy Museum was opened to the public in July, 2021. Its unique trajectory style was inspire by astronomical principles. Concrete walls and steel frames are made into curves, invoking the experience of orbital motion. It is the largest museum worldwide solely dedicated to the study of astronomy.

Designed by Ennead, the monumental new museum creates an immersive experience that places visitors in direct engagement with real astronomical phenomena. Through scale, form, and the manipulation of light, the building heightens awareness of our fundamental relationship to the sun and the earth’s orbital motion. 

Relicase was proud to take part in this project. We designed and fabricated high-security, high-quality signature showcases  which include:  curved freestanding  display case,  triangle display case,circular freestanding  display case,exhibit cases with Roman vault for inspiring exhibits about the universe as well as explore the vast of spaces and technologies.

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