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Jinsha site museum

Time:July-05-2021 13:13    Reading volume:804

Exhibition Hall No.3 Immortal Heaven and Earth in Jinsha site museum reopened to the public on 29th June, 2021, after a one-month renovation. Museum display cases were also upgraded by Relicase. There is comprehensive improvement in many aspects: glass, lighting, airtight, structure and security.

The newly adopted low-reflective laminated glass has a extremely high transparency of 97% which is 7% higher than common ultra-clear glass. The reflectivity is reduced to 1% which is only 1/8 of ultra-clear glass. When they work together, the glass becomes almost invisible to bare eyes and cameras. The film inside also filters 

Lighting was also upgraded from plastic fibre optics to glass fibre optics, which is lower in color temperature and higher in color rendering index. This reveals more details of the relics under authentic colors.

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