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New exhibition Hall of Minhang Museum

Time:January-07-2021 10:39    Reading volume:849

       On Sep 26, 2019, Minhang Museum opened to the public. Relicase supplied freestanding display cases and tabletop display cases for 'Maqiao Culture'. And designed built-in wall cases, freestanding display cases, flat cases for 'The 700 Years of History of Shanghai County'.

       The 700 Years of History of Shanghai County' exhibition reveals ups and downs of Shanghai County in the history, demonstrates gains and achievements of Shanghai people in every aspect. To match this signature building of Minhang culture, We came up with a classic style for all the showcases. Welding traces were covered by whole sheet of folded steel panel, and so were the opening mechanism, leaving the facade extremely simple and elegant.

       Maqiao Culture' exhibition hall displays the artifacts  uncovered from archaeological site in Yutang village, Maqiao town, Minhang District, Shanghai, dating back to 3200-3900 years. A special theme unit, Creations of Arts  was placed in the middle of this hall. Iconic objects like cup made of primitive porcelain , Duck shaped terracotta bottle with cloud motifs, terracotta jag with vain patterns stood prominently in our crystal showcases.

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